Audio Noir


Paths now fragment and shatter like microchips under heavy hammers
Screams echo from the future, across the void, into the now
Nothing comes naturally to me anymore, I am truly alone in a synthetic world
A whole other world opens up in bloom before my eyes
My mind wrestles with the choice of futures we now hold


My soul seeps out of me
As I let go, the game ends
My mistakes are laid out in front of me for the very first time
They wait for me patiently
and all knowing
I descend sharply into their liberation
It embraces me fully as I fall
and a man is waiting for me at the end of the universe

Atom Smasher

I sit alone, still so empty inside
I am third hand, faded and torn
as the cosmos suffocates

Time has earned nothing
The seismic shift
Urging my spirit to break apart
To evaporate
As the sun waves hit

A prototype model that never made it to mass market
Now every failure comes pre-built with a promise to ascend

The capsule shakes
and the siren starts
Darkness implodes into light
Time and space align for the reset

The Reverie II

I mourn the man I used to be
Frenzied is my identify
Damage deserves me
and I embrace catastrophe

Brainwaves settle down, slip into the nether
I ride upon the crest of my lost humanity
The reverie has regained its grip

Bright futures threaten to reignite the life force
A million alternative timelines all end with us

Pick Up Artist

The charming soldier of ruin
the program starts, the predator is here
I'm looking for a version of me,
found in a simulation of you
The habitat becomes more natural,
and all my weakness is destroyed
The bots talk back to me now
and the fantasy is deadly real

My insides shift like a breaking rubiks cube
A perfect storm marshals high above
Opposition forces have infiltrated
They now wield the wrecking ball

It all adds up briefly sometimes,
it descends upon us all in the end
deep down in our once mighty hearts,
these sacred memories shall now rest

tonight is the alpha
I am the omega
I am in control
I am the one who decides

I destroy myself every, every night
Now only the shell of the man remains


staring back at the face you once knew
forget the dream that's over now
let your past fade, as cold apathy grips you tight
sad words echo and feel empty, they've all been drained tonight
replicate the savage, these words still exist after me
dead of all thoughts, we all turn for inspiration
there is something much better out there for all of us


floating in the dead of space
30 seconds until the end
things are falling apart again
maybe for the last time
no matter how hard we try
I won't let the void fade away

I now realise everythings been lost for us
how did we lose sight of the truth?
surely it's more important than anything else
I now realise what this empty space was for

we all fall into the dark
floating away to fragile stars

waiting for you
with starry eyes
an empty soul
waiting for you