12th February 2016

Our new album pre-orders for Audio Noir are now live. It has been a long journey. But we are finally here. All release info available at

Also available are new Merch items that will only be available with the album. Featuring designs by J. Bannon, Dan P Carter, and Anthony Lucero.

Pre-Order now from.



We will have copies of the CD & LP at all the shows with Cult Of Luna in April, which are looking at selling out so get tickets soon.

When you pre-order the album you get an instant download of the song Kobe. Which will also be available on BBC iplayer for the next 30 days.

Big thank you to all at Deathwish and BBC Radio One for being behind this band in our most exciting period.

We have shows announced. Tickets available via this website. Get them soon, COL shows are all set to sell out. More dates for 2016 being announced soon, along with our first headline shows since 2008.

This band has always been something we are proud of, and this album release really is a huge deal to all of us. Spread the word.

24th June 2015

Shows in Bristol, Sheffield and London were a great success, thanks to all that came out to see us play. The album is now in its final stages, with only vocals left to track. Artwork will be finished and released shortly. Please keep an eye out for a very limited edition merch item to be launched in the next week or so. Album pre orders will be live within the next few weeks from Deathwish website.

The new song we played at the Bristol & London dates was called Heliopause, and will be on the upcoming album.

We have plans to do 2 more shows this year in the UK before the album comes out and then will be waiting until we have copies in our hands before we play live again.

Big thanks to Deathwish, Martin Ruffin, Chris Drury, Chris Corney, Grant Morris & Jack Saunders for their continued help in our bands next steps.

18th March 2015

So far 2015 has started very well. We have been busy!

Album recording is in full swing at In Lieu Of A Studio in Battle near Hastings on the South Coast. Drums and Bass are finished with guitars starting in a week or so time. It sounds huge so far, working with Martin Ruffin has been a great experience.

It will feature 8 brand new songs following an epic concept revolving around mans travel into space. Covering ground we've not really tread before on a few songs, but a really fluid progression from our first few releases. Will be available on LP, CD, and DW digital download too. Artwork being handled by our good friend Seldon Hunt.

Some of our back catalogue turns 10 years old this year, and on this subject we want to state that we have no plans to re-press or reissue any release that's before this new album. We often have people asking about this so wanted to clear up the matter once and for all. We are more focused on releasing new music than re-releasing the old records. On that note, there are still copies of the 7" available from Deathwish Records, once these are gone they are gone too.

We have just added a bunch of new Merch items to our webstore, please check these out, the money made will help us pay for the new album.

We will be playing 3 great shows in May. Sheffield, Bristol & London tickets onsale now.

1st Jan 2015

2014 we played more shows in more places we thought we would never play. Thank you to anyone that came out to a show anywhere last year.

We have now a final track listing for the album for Deathwish Records. We will be entering the studio in the next few weeks to begin tracking. For more updates on the recording process, please check out our Instagram account -- @BosskUK.

More news on the album in the next few weeks. Tickets for our first show of 2015 are Onsale now for Festivile in Sheffield. We will be premiering brand new songs at this show.

We have brand new Merch launching in our store in the next week or so. Thanks to anyone that picked anything up from our recent sale.

Thank you.

21st May 2014

A huge thank you to anyone that came and watched us at Temples Festival and Beyond The Red Shift Festival. Both were two of the best shows we've ever played as a band. We hope you enjoyed another new track from the new album.

We are entering the studio. The time has come

Tom, Sam, Nick, Rob & Alex

13th April 2014

We have just returned from our longest run of tour dates since 2007, all were a huge success, thanks to Old Man Gloom & Storm Of light for taking us to new lands, it was an honour to play with you every night.

Huge thanks to everyone that attended these shows, it was such a great experience to play these places we have never been, and amazing to meet people who has been fans of the band since 2006.

We have two more shows planned for the rest of 2014, they may not be any others, so please come and watch us in London & Bristol, we will be premiering more of the new record at these shows. Tickets are onsale now.

Focus will be on finishing and starting recording the album, which is almost finished. We promise.

We have a few more copies of the 7" available in our UK store, please pick one up, they will not be about for long.

Tom, Sam, Nick, Rob & Alex

10th March 2014

It has been a busy few months for us all, the release of the 7" on Deathwish has marked a turning point for our band, we are here to stay, and we are here to write the best album we can possibly write. We will be putting up more UK webstore copies this week for anyone that missed the first batch.

New merch items are onsale now. Please check out the 2006 shirt reprint we just put up for any old school fans.

We have just announced our most extensive list of tour dates so far. Hitting mainland Europe and going out to Russia for the first time. Please pick up tickets to these shows, as it might be the only dates we do this year.

Also announced are shows with OLD MAN GLOOM, and two amazing festivals, TEMPLES FESTIVAL and BEYOND THE RED SHIFT.

We can't wait to play again.

Tom, Sam, Nick, Rob & Alex

29th November 2013

We are very happy to announce that the 7" Pre Orders have now begun. Both colours are available to pre order only at

When the pre orders end we will have small amounts of the 7" onsale online via our UK webstore, and at all shows next year. We have added a new shirt to the DW store too, we have had lots of requests for US merch, we haven't forgotten! More stuff will be added over the coming weeks featuring brand new exclusive items.

Huge thank you to both Jacob Bannon and Dan P Carter for their vision in this project, working with them both has been such a great experience.

We are going to be playing with one of our favourite bands next year, Cult Of Luna have invited us to play their festival in London. We last shared the stage with them in 2008, and are the band we enjoyed touring with the most. Tickets are onsale now.

We will have other shows to announce for 2014 in the next few weeks, we are focusing on finishing the new album so live shows will be infrequent.

Thanks for everyones continued support. This band is working better than ever, and the new material is moving along very well.

Tom, Sam, Nick, Rob & Alex

28th October 2013

We have now finished our planned shows for 2013, and plan to spend the rest of the year finishing the new album. The new music will continue our journey into unexplored territories and is something that we are all very proud of.

The Pick Up Artist/Albatross 7" has now gone to press, they will be available to pre order in the next few weeks only through Deathwish. Along with three exclusive merch designs. We are also launching our own brand of BBQ sauce, available very soon.

A big thanks to some people, without them, this year wouldn't have been possible; Chris Corney, Jack Saunders, Martin Ruffin, Dan P Carter, Jakob Bannon, Beckie Sugden, Tom Ghannad, and many more.

We are all very much looking forward to playing more shows next year and recording this new album.

Thanks for your support. Tom, Sam, Alex, Rob, Nick

2nd September 2013

It has been a busy few weeks. Amazing shows for us at Bloodstock, ArcTanGent and in Birmingham. Thanks to all that made these some of the best shows we have played as a band ever.

Very happy to announce that we will be releasing a 7" on the legendary Deathwish label. Proud to be working with a label that understands how bands like ours operate, and that stands behind the same principles that we do. Exciting things ahead.

The 7" will feature Pick Up Artist and a cover of Fleetwood Macs classic Albatross. Will be released by the end of 2013. Artwork is going to be by our good friend Dan P Carter.

Album writing is in full swing. We can't wait to record the music we have written, it's looking like our best material we have written as a band. More news soon.

New Merch available soon, along with an exclusive shirt for the Deathwish Store.

Last shows of this year are in Holland, our first visit to the Netherlands since 2007. Playing with the great Atlantis, who have been friends of ours for a long time.

10th June 2013

We have now completed our first UK tour back, a huge thank you to Dragged Into Sunlight for taking us out with them and to every person that came to support both bands. The tour was a huge milestone for us, marking 5 years since the original lineup had toured together.

At all the shows we debuted our new song The Reverie, this will be the first track from the new album. We hope you enjoyed it.

We have also now fully begun the writing process for the album. Which we will be release more information as it comes together. This theme for the record is perfectly representative of our own collective ambitions for our first full album. If .1 nestled in a lush forest and .2 lurked in the shadows of industry. Then this is taking us to the stars and beyond. Already confirmed for artwork and art design is Josh Graham (Neurosis, Soundgarden)

We are working on plans to release a 7" of Pick Up Artist. More info soon.

We have lots of new shows in the works, we won't be doing many more UK shows this year, going to focus on performing outside of the UK and finishing the album for the rest of the year. Special mention to ArcTanGent Festival, which has one of the best lineups we've been part of.

We are all really enjoying being a band again, and want to thank everyone who has shown their support to us so far.

For all updates, follow our Twitter account - @BosskUK


Tom, Nick, Sam, Rob, Alex

26th January 2013

So 2013 marks the dawn of the next chapter of the band. We have begun writing for the album, and so far we are all really excited about what it holds. Get ready for an epic journey through a sci fi conceptual masterpiece. This is going to be the best music you have heard from this band to date, covering ground we have never covered before.

We have a bunch of live dates in the works for this year, starting with our first ever show in Germany in March. We also plan to play some UK festivals, as well as more European shows later in the year. But we will be mainly focusing on finishing the album writing.

We are documenting the writing of the new album in picture form on Instagram, if this interests you then please check it out - BosskUK

We have huge plans, and more info to come soon.

Please keep your eye on our website or Twitter account for more news.

Tickets are onsale now for Doom Over Leipzig! Check it out here.

14th November 2012

We want to start by thanking the organisers and everyone that attended Damnation Festival earlier this month. To see that many people in a room to watch our band was truly humbling, and an amazing experience for all of us. Was for a lot of us the best show we have played in Bossk. Thank you for having us.

This then marks the end of 2012 for us, and the beginning of 2013. We have already done more than what we originally set out to do earlier this year, and it has given us all the drive and creative inspiration to go forward with the band and take it places that we have never been.

We are currently putting the touches to new shows for next year, we dont plan to do many, but we want to visit cities and countries that we haven't been to.

There is some leftover merch from Damnation in our webstore, the first batch of soap sold out at Damnation, the second batch will be online to order before Christmas.

Pick Up Artist has been out for a few weeks now, we are all blown away by the response to the track, as im writing this it has done almost 1,500 downloads all over the world. Places we never thought we had fans, so another huge thanks to anyone thats checked it out or passed it on in anyway.

New songs are being written. They will be released in 2013.

Keep checking the website for updates, or follow us on Twitter. @BosskUK

Tom, Nick, Alex, Sam, Rob.

18th September 2012

So today marks the beginning of something new. We are all very happy to announce that new song 'Pick Up Artist' is now available to download for free. You can stream the track over at Metal Hammer's website and then download it from our site.

We want this new track to be heard by as many people as possible, so please spread the word in anyway you can.

We just have launched pre orders for the new PUA shirt design done by the very talented Grant Morris, which will also be available as a limited screen print. Please pick up one of these as they wont be reprinted again.

Huge thanks to Dan P Carter, Lee Malia, Grant Morris, Phil Gornell and Dean Richardson and everyone else behind the scenes that have helped us progress to this next step.

This is only the beginning. Writing for the new record has already begun, and it promises to be the most diverse material that we have written.

Our only show for the rest of the year is Damnation Festival in Leeds, which will be the first time we play Pick Up Artist live. Please come and celebrate what will have been a great year for all of us.

Tom, Nick, Alex, Sam, Rob

20th August 2012

Its been a busy few weeks for us as a band, we finished recording 'Pick Up Artist' in Sheffield, played our first two shows, printed new merch and started work on the new record!

Huge thanks to every person that came out to both the London and Manchester shows, they were both a great triumph for us all.

We have a show supporting Torche in Nottingham, and then Damnation Festival in Leeds. These are looking like the only two shows we will be doing in 2012, so please come out to them to see us. Damnation will be the first time we play 'Pick Up Artist' live, and the first real festival that we will have played as a band.

The new song is going to be available to download for free from our website in September along with an awesome screen printed poster and shirt design to go with the release. We are going to be premiering the new song on the Metal Hammer website a few days early for those who want a sneak preview.

There is now a studio video up on the website of us recording, huge thanks to Jordan Green and Drop Dead for this, its great to be involved with so many different and talented people. Please check it out.

We will be playing more shows early next year, we plan to make it over to both Belgium and Holland, more news on that as we get more details.

Writing has begun on the album, which is a huge step for us, and something that has been a long time coming. Please check out the updated website, and our new merch items, this band cant function with out its fans.

Tom, Sam, Nick, Alex, Rob

1st February 2012

The time has come for the five of us to perform together again.

It has been over 4 years since we last played together and in that time our lives taken different paths and the scene that we were once a part of has changed. The music we wrote together has stood up against bands that have come and gone and the songs still have great significance to us all. This band was always about us five, our songs, the live show and being able to play to new audiences.

In 2012 we will be recording a live BBC Maida Vale session, something that as a band we have never done. We'll be recording 3 old songs and a brand new track that we'll be writing especially for the session. Huge thanks to Dan P Carter for his support. This will be available on Eyesofsound Records.

We plan to play 2 shows before the end of 2012, one in London and one in Leeds. We hope you will come and enjoy them with us. What comes after that is uncertain.

We are launching a new website where you can find out all details of the new release and the live shows as we start putting all the pieces together.

Alex, Nick, Rob, Sam, Tom